Female MBA Candidates and Graduates

Female MBA Elected to Board of Directors

This is a great post about Regina King. She is well known for her epic Golden Globe acceptance speech for her incredible role in If Beale Street Could Talk. She talks on how it’s 50% women moving forward. The main goal is to have more female MBA’s elected to board of directors in major corporations.

Regina King is using her platform to say that in the coming two years, everything she produces is going to be 50% women. She is rallying to reach everyone who is in a position of power, in all industries, to stand in solidarity and do the same thing.

We all know that celebrities while on the red carpet use the time to talk to the public and be heard. It’s known and understood that their microphones are very big and they speak for everyone.

The MBAchic brand reports they have been part of countess groups and followings that promote Female MBA candidates and graduates for equality in the workforce. The goal is to have by the year 2020, at least 20% of board members to be female. It’s been recent and over the past two years, it’s beginning to feel as the world is changing that makes it possible for women to hold equal power.  Women are setting higher goals, as MBAchic is seeing the average class gender ratio near 50/50 split.

Forbes reports that USC Marshall announced that its incoming class of 2020 is 52% women. They are the first major American business school to achieve this in their full-time program.

The majority of schools are reporting they have crossed the 40% female mark and that group is continuing to grow.

Statistically proven, companies that have three or more women on their board of directors have increased productivity with female MBA’s. Not to mention a higher average dividend payout and return on equity.

Is your MBA program close to hitting that 50% women split? Let MBAchic know as they are gathering more information.

This is another great syndicated article Female MBA wrote for Women On Topp. We discuss 10 time savings tips for leveling up your productivity that came from our community.

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